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US Citizen Corps Harassing Other Citizens/Immigrants

Before I begin, two paragraphs to put this in context:  This has to do with a secretive group receiving money to use emerging technologies (see footnote 1. and others ) to experiment, and able to sanction crimes. They have sought and succeeded in making most all people I associate with,  controlled in regards to me, for negative and illegitimate purposes. This includes strangers, who have on average, fill destinations or places visited, present offensive jestures or harassment in my presence, and have been involved in stealing from anything that may be carried by me, ie: printed material, contents of backpack, important personal items or documents.

One has to question what sort of recruitment is involved in this locally, and elsewhere this has happened.

US Citizens Corp data base of citizens:

From the Operation TIPS (Terrorist Information and Prevention)

quote: “Each file or entry contains an interested individual’s name, mailing address, e-mail address, and Volunteer Program area of interest. The database contains and tracks names of each individual and the date of expression of interest, type of interest expressed (e.g., Community Emergency Response Team, Neighborhood Watch, Citizen Corps
Councils), and similar information.”-[Federal Register: May 7, 2002 (Volume 67, Number 88)]

The experience I have daily, with evidence in names of businesses, from the Mid West to the current location, is the use of an enormous pool of people, to arrive before, the same time, or after, I do, at almost all destination, daily, for purposes stated below. In one area, over a hundred people on call, so that differing people are used each time.

There should be investigation as to whether this system is being used to create pools of people in all the country, for the purpose of assigning them to harassment for emeriging technologies experiments. There has been many people daily for 4 years, that in all locations, daily, fill to one extent or another, all spaces occupied by myself. This takes many people in that there are different people used, to harass, distract for theft, taunt, play on associations for criminal ends. Police in all locations are aware of this, and used. Offices, like FBI or Attorney General, when approached for concerns regarding incidences or crimes that fall within their respective juristiction, are sometimes informed before I call on their offices, and have been ordered to confront me in particular ways, never claiming the seriousness of what I attempt to report.

It takes a vast database to come up with people for specific tasks, from stalking or harassment to serious crimes, over long distances.  I have been met with in airports en route cross country by groups who evidently have been coached for specifics in harassment.

Here are some quotes from the Citizen Corp website, regarding Operation TIPS:

”This new system of records contains information gathered by the Citizen Corps, which is part of the USA

Freedom Corps established by President George W. Bush under Executive Order 13254, January 29, 2002.”

‎2002: Pursuant to the Privacy Act of 1974 (5 U.S.C. 552a),

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) proposes to establish a new system of records entitled “Citizen Corps Database Tracking System..

Operation TIPS found in Report by Lawyers Committee for Human Rights 2002.

I have placed below as a footnote quotes and link from Lawyers Committee for Human Rights Report mentioning Operations TIPS, from A Year Lost, Reexamining Civil Liberties Since September 11. (footnote 1.). A data pool to outsource actions of crime and harassment, trained and coached, is indeed a real thing.

Harassment using many citizens Sometimes more than 100 citizens per day are used to fill cafes, restaurants, mob at every outing to a mini mart. People have been placed on airlines for this purpose, with seating arranged beforehand. I have evidence of this in records, though all boarding passes for 2006 have been stolen from me.

How these citizens are instructed to do:

Cruel attention includes cutting hair from behind, tampering with backpack, stealing anything I carry, instructing stores to short change when others distract, and malicious tricks using seeming friendly people, etc.. They even use children to steal from me, mob and stalk, etc.

There is mobilization daily, filling destinations, day to day places, vehicles used as well.

There is never any short supply, and no one seems to have a conscience. This is right out of Nazi play books.

If one checks the internet Google: gang stalking; covert harassment, you will find misinformation, a flood of it. Nothing regarding gang stalking, or the internet people claiming to be victims can be confirmed.

Thus stated, a structure similar to Operation TIPS ( is used as a pool of people, all ages and classes, so that sadistic exercises using emerging technologies, can pervasively fill the subjects every moment with intrusions, some playing on themes, psychological conditioning.

And if you ever wonder why police stations look like a sealed ticket booth at a theater, well, it has some advantages in denying a subject of what is referred to here, access to police for reporting crimes from felony to malicious acts.

“Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) proposes to establish a new system of records entitled “Citizen Corps Database Tracking System..