Mr. AxB

I am German and was in Australia as permanent resident for a half year. I am “connected” since my visit to perth June 2002. Probably, I disturbed the basic economical order.

  • Mind reading in a very accurate manner (inclusive images)
  • comments to every thought by neurophone voice
  • Voice Simulation (Hi-fi quality) so you get the impression your whole environment is involved
  • For a short time television modulation Perth and Munich until I tried to tape them.
  • Since Jan 2003 very special dreams

I am electrical engineer and very interested to get that technology in my hands to bring them in prison. Every technical hint is welcome. I am very glad to know other people now in the same situation.


American Psychotronics Victim


Mark Cohen’s account tells how his promising studies in Sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison were interrupted by the CIA. Impeding his studies and employability, the psychotronics brigades made Mark a pincushion for their remotely beamed bodily experiments as well as their mind attacking holographic dreams.

mdcohen@, markcohen@

His story:


My name is Mark Cohen.

I have been the victim of CIA harrasment since 1988.

It all started in March of 1988 when I found a CIA agent reading my e-mail at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I had a nervous breakdown that lasted several months. The CIA first started attacking me by reducing my attention span. This hurt my studies seriously, and I was forbidden from going on in my Ph.D. program in Sociology. I looked for a job for two and a half years; I am sure the CIA told my prospective employers not to hire me.

The CIA has made me gain over 100 pounds in the past five years. They also make me itch constantly, have tortured me twice, and are constantly breaking my appliances and my cars.

The CIA attacks my sleep mercilessly. They are constantly waking me up with implanted dreams, often having to do with sex or violence. My energy level is very low. I suffer from severe agoraphobia and only go to a few places in Madison.

The creativity of the CIA is amazing. They are constantly coming up with new ways to attack me. There are CIA stooges all over Madison, including in the apartment above mine and the apartments to either side of me.

The CIA attacks my defecations. If I am writing on the internet about something personal, they often make me defecate. I have found some good friends who believe me. My advice is to network and keep in touch with other victims. It makes you feel better.

Mark Cohen

Madison, Wisconsin


Harassment, abuse and molestation using ultrasonics, microwaves and hypnosis.

I have been subjected to a campaign of harassment, abuse and molestation using ultrasonics, microwaves and hypnosis by a hostile entity since 1995. I believe agents of Britain, United States or Israel are responsible, though I am told that they are the Freemasons. The perpetrators are extremely aggresive and hostile and their intent, as they put it, is to use me. My repeated complaints to legal authorities have been derided or ignored and only psychiatrists were asked to deal with them who immediately diagnosed me as mentally ill (schizophrenic), while the treatment in question continued throughout. Initially I did not know about the technology and complained of emission devises and of being talked to on the airwaves. This inhumane treatment includes vibrations, voices of various distances and volume levels, vivid dreams or visions, emissions, restiction of blood circulation to body membranes as well as mind control techniques. They have been able to reach me regardless of my location. I am unable to tell whether an implant is needed to effect this treatment.

I am asking anyone who can help to bring this atrocious ordeal to a halt and to expose these weapons to the public and bring the groups and forces who use them to justice and ensure that they are not used against anybody in the future.



I’ve been targeted for reasons not completely clear to me and I HAVE DONE NO WRONG.

Met a gentlement RAT in 1994 who set me up to believe he was understanding and completely accepting of me. He worked at a closed circuit tv station. After 2 years of trusting him I found out he was involved in porn and incest.

Problems started for me thru the media then. They stopped for awhile in 2002 – Aug. 2004. I have had some health problems but found alternative medicine very helpful and not as harmful as what I was taking.

They I guess didn’t like me being so vocal and angry that their drugs were dangerous to me.

Because I do believe in the goodness of a loving God I pray and ask for his help. So it seems some of the mysterious satanic little problems like having things out of place in my house have stopped for awhile.

But my dreams have become very vivid and it seems that when I go to sleep I go into a very deep trance. I remember nothing except a little of the vivid dreams but I feel as if something has happened that I had no control over when I wake up.

Dream Invasion Researcher and MC Activist


For anybody experiencing dreams involving abduction by or interactions with agents remembered as aliens or as ordinary humans, wherein occurs mistreatment with unusual technologies, or time travel, or “hive” like over-controlled gatherings, my accounts may be familiar. I am coming to the conclusion that widespread dream abduction and brainwashing is happening, supported by a media which bends all it’s imagery around subliminal reenforcement of the brainwashing experience.
There is one technology central to this program; a face mounted device, like sunglasses, which shines a bright light ( probably a scanning laser ) into one eye, over an extended period of time. I believe it to be the replacement or the old “reichian red-blue” brainwashing hardware. You will see this device “[—@]” barely concealed in commercial graphics everywhere ( take a look around you now, or check the next ad break on tv ).
If any of this means anything to you, please e-mail me.
Don’t be a victim. Be an activist.


Robert Joseph Pacatte

I have in depth conversations with my psychic controllers everyday 24 hours a day and they influence my dreaming my tyhoughts my emotions my feelings my everything , JUST LIKE YOU

Imagine that if they (controllers) took your mind and put it on public radio and intercoms Radio hypnotic intracerebral control (rhic) so that everyone can hear you. That is me. I am tired all the time as you are too. Our oxygen has been greatly reduced to our noodle. Oh, yes you are tired. Have feelings that are unexplainable? guess why. Have evil thoughts ? Guess where it comes from. Have interactive dreams? Since when do you hear sound when you are dreaming! I AM JUST LIKE YOU AND AA/NA has a group I NEED A GROUP. I WANT TO MEET OTHER MKULTRA VICTIMS, JUST FOR THE SAKE OF OUR SANITIES LOL HOWEVER MANY THEY ARE.
I don’t exactly know how long I have been a mind control victim, but these people from time to time tell me things of my childhood (go figure) I lived a life of drugs, not dealing, just getting myself medicated. I have legal cases that I want to come to light but I trust nobody (most likely the same as you considering the way that I am treated) I have been to the hospital three times because of being driven crazy. Schizophrenia (go  figure) of course after this type of treatment who wouldn’t be.
my personal account is being withheld, however I would like to offer advice and assistance to people so long as they are serious (even your darkest hour) you are severely intelligent people. Don’t let them bastards in your head treat you stupid. I will keep my email up for serious inquiries only for as long as possible. And as always (always)! Live your life it is yours not theirs yours and you keep on dreaming and living you are not dead spiritually emotionally and physically get busy livin


Duncan E Simpson

I have been under attack for about 11 months now and have had muscles quakes, itching, hot needles, bee stings, eyes were made to turn red as if infected, they even found a way to enter my dreams and the sensations that bugs are crawling on me. Now, I know that most people are unable to figure out who is behind their ordeals, but I know exactly who is behind mine. Believe it or not it is someone in my very own family (even though I have disowned them now considering the situation), I have been able to learn over the past 11 months that it is all because of jealousy, even thought I have never done anything to make him want to hurt me in this way. Our father passed away about 13 months ago and I know believe that my brother could have used this device to disrupt our dads pacemaker, seeing how he was the only one in the family to gain anything from his death. He got the house and he lied to everyone about the money in the bank,and when the retirement checks continued to come he kept withdrawing the money, up to 1 year even though he knew that the money was not in his name and he was not entitled to one red cent. I have been made by the doctors to take drugs because they believe it is a mental illness, in my mind and heart that it is electronic harassment. Unless something is done and I do mean soon there may be another death in the family, I know I am not losing my mind, I also know that I am not going to take this sitting down or standing up. It is a shame that someone in one could to such a thing to their own family, I find anyone that could is lower than a piece of shit (the runny kind) I hope that he is exposed for the dog that he is! Thanks for allowing me to express myself!





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