How to negotiate with hypervigilance and psychiatric injury from electronic harassment & stalking

How to negotiate with hypervigilance and psychiatric injury from electronic harassment & stalking

Theoretically, I think it is possible to be aware of mind control in our everyday life. It is like an AI capable of treating its own failure and manage how to treat the problem. Human brain is capable more than a CPU with an OS. Our brains can evolve to fix the problem that it could not do in the past, and that process is the part of our strength to be human. If we can find a pattern of the failure, then we could figure out the failure after that. The “mind-control” virus might be deadly like the computer virus that delete certain files and manipulate the functions. However, I think we are able to find how to find out how the virus caused damage to our mental wellness and physical being. It would be a long research, so I would stop talking about this. I am still having problem to figure out some structures for this one.

Another issue that TIs might need to overcome would be the maintenance of their mental health. I think we need to have a therapy which can be easily done by the TI individual level or group level to treat their Hypervigilance and Psychiatric injury caused by the g/s and the o/s. TIs understand that mind control would ruin their communication with others as well as others misunderstanding them. From my experience, I learned that the mind control works efficiently when the subject is either confused or upset. It is the state that the person is seeking a new information or trying to gather a new idea. Therefore, induced thought would be easily implanted on the individual without the one to notice. It is impossible not to be upset when one is under 24/7 surveillance by the harassers using NLP techniques and electronic devices. Probably the core concept of prevention for mind control is to avoid reduce of one’s perception. To keep one’s perception as a normal person, the one must know what is one’s normal perception and how to be aware of own psychiatric injury. The one need to know how his or her regular perception in his or her life before and how sensitization from the o/s and the e/h changed one’s perception. If the individual can keep own perception well, the effect from the o/s and the e/h would be minimum. There would be other factors like social and economic changes from being a TI would effect other part of the person’s life though.

There are few things a TI can do to maintain one’s perception.
1. Aware of one’s perception and how it has been changing in daily life.
2. Desensitization to regain one’s perception to normal level. (to cure hypervigilance)
3. Avoid contacting anything that manipulate one’s perception.
2. Desensitization to regain one’s perception to normal level (to cure hypervigilance).

The strategies for 1 and 3 are little bit complicated, so I would like to tell about them later (I haven’t analyzed the stuffs yet). I might write about other parts in future if I am not so lazy. The purpose of desensitization is to heal hypervigilance, or so called the HVS. The HVS is a state that the individual has too aware of one’s surroundings. If you are a TI, you know you might often see the people wearing a T-shirt with some logos that seems a message to you on the street. Every time you see it on street, you would be aware and expect to see similar thing again. NLP anchoring does the same trick. The perps showing off particular things often, and the TI would be aware of seeing the same pattern – e.g. a person with a coke bottle – every time the one goes out. The continuous message is imprinted as a trauma. It is harmful for one’s mental health. Experiencing a traumatized issues frequently would cause serious mental problems for sure. To prevent it, the one must know how to desensitize one’s trauma. There would be many way to treat the trauma, but I address some stuffs that I came up with for both individual level and group level. It is better for a TI to do self-study to cure one’s hyper sensitivity against o/s and e/h effect. But I think the group method would also effective as it can make the one to heal one’s internal wounds with others who has the same injury. The group therapy is like the one that veterans go through to heal their traumatic experience during their duties. Anyway here is the sample treating plans. You might find professional help books on the shelf. I just had no chance to get one – the books around me are written in German now and too expensive to buy from the UK or the US.

1. Individual session.

1. Identify and analyze what causes sensitization. Write down what makes the one upset, and think about how it causes the one to be upset.

2. NLP SWISH – denouncing the subject of sensitization to something normal. SWISH is to change the “subject” into something positive, so it can be used to erase the negative impact from seeing/experiencing the subject.

3. Pause period from the subject of sensitization.
4. Evaluation of how the one’s sensitivity toward the subject has changed.

2. Group session

Reevaluation counseling (RC) – this technique will not give any gaslighting to the individuals. Basically, it can be done in a group with minimum of two persons. While the one speaks up about one’s experience for a certain period such as 30 minutes, others will remain silent and just try to listen to the speaker. None of the listeners will give comments to the speaker. Therefore, the speaker will never betrayed or upset from the response and it can strengthen the speaker’s motivation, thought, perception. The listeners will gain knowledge and struggles of others who are having similar problems.


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