What is Gaslighting?

Gaslighting is any behavior or imparting of information that has the effect of making the target distrust their own perception. If you feel cold and told it’s hot, you start to doubt your reality checking faculty. Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse that involves withholding of factual information from and/or providing false information to the target. Having the gradual effect of making the victim anxious, confused and less able to trust his/her own memory and perception.

Gaslighting tends to intersect with other tactics such as gang stalking, street theater, cryptic reference themes but generally involves sabotage of the target’s belongings and perspective in order to disturb the target’s peace of mind. The goal is to confuse the target to the point he/she cannot trust his/her memory or perspective.

Street theater is gaslighting

Via street theater gaslighting is carried out by networking of stalkers who share some profile information and disinformation about the target. While participating in staged events around the target this info and disinfo is mentioned to or loud around the target. The basic idea is to let the target know that personal information or things done around the home are known about them. Oftentimes during harassment the most mundane things are mentioned such as a phrase that the target said earlier that morning or mention an internet site that was visited etc. This is done to give the impression that everything they do is monitored. In most cases disinformation is also mentioned but is only pieced together by the target after many runnings with street theater stalkers. This disinformation is the most disturbing because the target is left to wonder why so many people are referring to the same topics or exact phrases. This is a pattern of neurolinguistic programming to instill negative emotions, and associations. Again with seemingly meaningless repetitious phrases, the idea is to confuse the target who may start questioning their senses. They flash when they hear several people mention the same words or the same topic while having no real significance in the target’s experience.

Cryptic reference is gaslighting

This happens in street theater but also in conversations with family and friends. When the target is profiled, the information about the target’s fears and weaknesses is used to create collection of key words and topics. These triggers are mentioned in the most casual conversations in an attempt to confuse and upset the target. To complicate things, the target starts seeing patterns and themes which come from harmless sources. Any attempt to share the gaslighting information with others will only isolate them as people will have hard time believing the target and see the events as life’s normal misfortunes.

Gaslighting by friends and family

Oftentimes people close to the target are approached and fed various lies and programmed long before the target even knows he/she has become a target. When the target tries to relate the events that are happening, the trusted friends and family tell the target various forms of NO – it is only your imagination. And if the target presses the horns the stalking event becomes intense. The target is advised to normalize and quit mentioning the signs of stalking that they see. Friends and family members are the worst / most effective wielders of gaslighting. The target, searching for support and meaning, takes the advice to heart to gain some sort of normalcy in life. This pushes the target in line to obey normal life dictates. While still being harassed by stranger stalkers and putting up with various other tactics, the target is forced to live in two worlds. Clearly this is the very definition of gaslighting. If the target is left in this state, they may start to doubt their memory, perception, and their very self. Induced self-doubt is indeed terroristic by its very nature. Friends and family members will say the target needs to move on and forget about the traumatic events. Repeatedly these gaslighting events lead the target to dangerous situations where they cannot trust their own intuitions.

Gaslighting permeates gang stalking from day one. Then as the target tries to regroup to have normal life, gaslighting from the target’s family members complicates the situation.


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