Somali victim of Gang-stalking

Somali victim of Gang-stalking

It all started one day in July 2004. I did not know what was happening around me except that I was followed / tailgated by many vehicles with Clayton county GA license plates. They followed me wherever I went. They did not talk to me or approach me just “whispers” from distance. Then a team visited my work place. I was followed by “George Smith” with Clayton county tag. I had not committed crime in Russia or US. All I knew was that I was harassed by many people in vehicles in different places at the store, gas station and even at work. Russia had no such harassment program or extra judicial correction system; I was completely unaware and started to act out. I started making phone calls, sending emails.

I didn’t want to be framed, so I contacted relatives and asked for a lawyer. They said I needed “medical attention”.

The deception was that I was railroaded and “gaslighted”. What was happening to me was “traffic mob” as part of gang-stalking campaign. Gang –stalking is systemic form of control which seeks to destroy every aspect of targeted individual’s life. Once a target is flagged a notification is sent out to the community at large, and the target is followed around 24/7 by various communities that they’re in. The community notifications will go out to various places. Apartment rentals, future employers, stores and communities where that target visits will be notified. Doctors offices, fire departments, and police etc. A covert investigation might also be opened and electronic means by civilian spies / snitches as part of the overt and covert monitoring and surveillance process.

Individuals are flagged without their knowledge. These community notifications might fall under mental health and community safety and health laws. It seems that employers, educational facilities, and community centers are in some cases flagging innocent individuals as a means of retaliation, silencing or controlling members of the society.

Individual can be flagged for various reasons. The notification can designate them as “terror suspects” or as having aggressive or inappropriate behavior, being danger to themselves and others etc. This notification system will follow the target if they move, change jobs, visit other areas. It lets the community believe that the target is a person who needs to be watched or monitored
The gang-stalking and harassment that started in 2004 continue in 2010. It’s parallel justice system in which no crime needs to committed just projected “future attributes” for life till the targeted individual is DESTROYED both physically and mentally.

Learn more about gang stalking and community notification ( click here)


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  1. I’m Asian being gang stalked in Gwinnett County, GA. I too have made a website

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